Our integration solution

seamless and compact

user-friendly and low-maintenance

for new and existing systems

individually adapted to your needs

Our Printbar-system

is suitable for

  • all-over and pattern-like coating

  • 2- and 3-dimensional coatings and surfaces

  • various substrates

  • various materials - including Inks, lacquers, insulation, impregnation



  • resource-saving digital printing technology with printheads and uninterrupted ink supply


  • hardware and software control 

  • cleaning and Service station 

  • maintenance systems 

  • precision printhead alignment for easy replacement of printheads 



  • easy and intuitive to use, directly from the existing main control element if desired 

  • space-saving,suitable for tight spaces 

  • free and independent of additional peripheral devices 


let yourself

  • flexible scaling to a wide variety of production widths through innovative construction


  • integrate into almost all production lines and manufacturing processes


  • seamlessly connect software and hardware to the existing machine 

Fully integrated maintenance station for maximum machine availability and long service intervals. 

Capping function
Airtight sealing of the printheads after use to prevent them from drying out and clogging.

Cleaning function
Movable slot nozzle suction removes dirt, blockages and gas bubbles using vacuum technology.

Purge function
Cleans all printheads after each print job.

Wiping function

Removes contamination with the help of a movable rubber lip.

Our full service approach 

 preview & advice 

  • evaluation of all aspects of your project

  • analysis of the current manufacturing process 

  • calculation of the future production costs 


  • evaluation of funding and financing options 

project planning & concept 

  • determination of spatial and technical conditions of the integration environment

  • planning and design of the future manufacturing process

  • creation of a machine concept with the determination of mechanical, electrical and fluidic components for the Printing and the pre- and post-treatment.

  • if necessary, support in applying for funding 

implementation & commissioning 


  • construction of the individual Inkjet Printbar

  • prototyping and sampling

  • production and pre-assembly of the Inkjet Printbar, as well as the pre- and post-treatment systems

  • full mechanical, electrical and software integration into your production line

  • training your employees

  • production support and optimization 

maintenance & service 

  •  maintenance contract  

  • servicing of spare parts and consumables 

Integration vs Stand-alone

continue to use existing production facilities 

  • through flexibly scalable construction - production widths


combine mass production and one-off production efficiently

  • print consistent and individual coating samples at the same time

  • simple production of unique items and small series

  • higher machine availability and shorter delivery times due to the elimination of complex and time-consuming set-up times

  • resource-saving and efficient use of operating equipment


less space required 

  • no additional location required

  • no space required for peripheral devices 

  • no redesign of the production lines required

  • the accessibility of the production facilities remains unchanged


convenient operation of the system

  • easy and intuitive to use, also from the existing main control panel