Stand-alone machines

efficient production of small series

user-friendly and low maintenance

with individual substrate handling

specially adapted to your needs

Our stand-alone machines

 suitable for 

  • all-over and pattern-like coating 

  • 2- and 3-dimensional surfaces

  • various substrates 

  • various fluids - including Inks, lacquers, insulation, impregnation 

  • different production widths 



  • resource-saving digital printing technology with printheads and uninterrupted ink supply 

  • hardware and software control 

  • cleaning and maintenance station 


  • precision printhead device for easy change of printheads 


  • service systems 


  • base machine with substrate handling 


  • integrated pre- and post-treatment systems 

  • desinging systems according to safety guidelines 



  •  easy and intuitive to use 

  • free and independent of additional peripheral devices 

The varied Substrate Handling Processes enable unexpected product ideas. 


  • precise substrate handling from the feeder to the collector

  • high-precision substrate guidance 

  • various materials, such as paper, cardboard, foils, membranes, textiles


  •  precise web edge control and web guiding from unwinding to rewinding

  • constant web tension 

  • variable web speeds up to 120m / min 

  • various materials, such as papers, foils, membranes, textiles 

Sheet-to-product & Roll-to-product

  • individual machine solutions - from coating an intermediate material to precise and durable integration into your product 


  • individual machine solutions for fully automated coating of a product

  • variable product handling up to an integrated packaging station

Our full service approach

Preview & advice

  • analysis of your project

  • evaluation of  the required pre- and post-treatment steps

  • consideration of upstream and downstream manufacturing steps

  • weighing up funding and financing options

Project development & concept

  • planning of the stand-alone machine for your product

  • determination of all mechanical, fluidic and electrical components e.g. printheads, sealing and fluid handling, pre- and post-treatment systems

  • construction of the individual stand-alone solution

  • if necessary, support in applying for funding

Implementation & commissioning

  • production, assembly and commissioning of the stand-alone machine with pre- and post-treatment systems

  • training of the Operator 

  • production support and optimization

Maintenance & service

  • maintenance contract

  • servicing of wearing parts and equipment