Inkjet technologie

as an additive manufacturing process

Inkjet technology is a very precisely metered, additive coating process.

It enables a wide variety of materials to be applied exactly where they are needed. Process medium and high-quality materials are thus used extremely efficiently and, in a resource-saving manner. The precise and robust print-heads of the Inkjet Printing Technology can apply holistic and pattern-like coatings with a material application of any height and width without interruption and at high speed on almost any two- and three-dimensional surface.

Inkjet printing technology can be conveniently controlled through graphical control panels and electrical interfaces Integration into a fully automated Industry 4.0 manufacturing process is therefore possible without any limitations.

Thanks to our fully integrated Cleaning and Service systems, the Inkjet Technology is always low-maintenance and user-friendly.


our solutions - unique and sustainable

Integration - in existing and new production facilities 

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The right system for your production. 

The inkjet technology can be combined with all mass production plants (e.g. offset printing, flexo printing, screen printing). 
Each inkjet integration is individually adapted to the specific requirements of the products to be manufactured as well as to the conditions of the integration environment. Inkjet integration is equally possible in existing and new plants. 
Therefore, we like to work in partnership with special machinery and plant builders, production planners and automation service providers.

Stand-alone - independent production machines 

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We plan, design and build independent inkjet production systems for your specific demand. 

Your individual requirements and wishes are always our focus. Together we determine the optimal properties of your new machine. The right components for demand-oriented production as well as corresponding pre- and post-treatment steps are combined and matched to each other.

Advantages & Opportunities

meeting new customer demands

  • complement your product portfolio
  • expansion of production possibilities
  • customization
  • personalization
  • diversification

cost and time efficient production of unique items and small batches (1 - 5,000 pieces)

  • no production of printing forms
  • lower personnel costs
  • lower maintenance
  • higher delivery and schedule reliability

convenient and easy handling through digital control

  • digital control through intuitive and operator friendly GUI
  • can be integrated into fully automated production processes

can be combined with new and existing mass production systems 

  • use of the advantages of unique and series production 
  • seamless application of mass production and variable coatings


  • coding and marking
  • adhesive layers 
  • lacquers
  • isolations 
  • impregnations 
  • electrically conductive layers 
  • IoT elements 
  • sensors

| Packaging & Labeling |

  • individualized design | e.g. personalized packaging 
  • individualized finishing | e.g. Spot painting 
  • individualized labels | e.g. Serial number, QR codes
  • product safety | e.g. security tags 
  • product identification | e.g. RFID based technologies
  • individualized adhesive coatings | e.g. Packaging optimization 
  • braille 

| Electrical industry |

  • individual conductor tracks 
  • semiconductor manufacturing 
  • insulation layers 
  • mechanical, chemical and thermal sensors
  • resisitors 
  • antennas 
  • heating elements 
  • solar cells 

| Industrial printing |

  • automotive (antennas, haptics, touchscreens) 
  • ceramic industry (tile motifs) 
  • decor production (e.g. veneers and floor coverings) 
  • digital twin
  • haptic coatings 
  • touchscreens 
  • direct to shape 
  • prototyping

| Textile industry |

  • individual colored textile labels 
  • water repellent coatings 
  • mechanically resilient coatings 
  • electrically conductive coatings and sensors
  • haptic effects
  • forgery-proof markings 
  • individual illustration of clothing, curtains, floor coverings, ceilings and much more

| Graphic printing |

  • individual and personalized content
  • small editions, for example for regional marketing

| Research & Development |

  • research institutes (e.g. laboratory facilities) 
  • universities & colleges